Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bon Odori 2012 - part 1

Since it's been quite some time since Bon Odori and I am still too lazy caught up in my PMR revision, I shall just upload some of the nice-ish pictures first that doesn't need any filtering or what-so-ever!

 I shall just let the pictures to do the talking from now!

Cotton On knitted top.
Hand-sewn maxi turquoise skirt. 
Some random belt. 

 The main attraction of Bon Odori since the dancing IS THE Bon Odori!

 Me and the Japanese girl! I forgot what was her name. Sorry! ):

 Again with her and bro! She's brother's friend's friend. I think.
She seem so uncomfortable having 2 gigantic tall people next to her. HAHAHAAH.

 Lanterns cause they pretty!


 more dancing.
I think I spammed too much. :/

 Japanese people!

 little Japanese girl!

 no, not Japanese. Malaysian!

 Some sales Japanese people that were super enthusiastic!

 They wanted a picture with me but nobody was there to help so I had to turn to camwhoring. 
I wonder how the other people must have looked at us. HAHAHAHAHA wtf.

 These guys were right next to the sales Japanese girls' booth and they kept starring at me 'cause I kept taking pictures of the Japanese girls' booth. Took a picture of them and they seemed happy, I guess.


and that's the end of picture spamming!
ogeh. I wanna sleep nao. Part 2 soon with more writing. I shall end this post Japanesyly. ^^v

お休みなさい。他の部品用に調整された滞在とええ!私は今、眠りたいさて、バイバイ。^ ^ V 

Google translate is amazing.

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