Saturday, September 1, 2012

De' Chiengmai Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Sungai Buloh

The father suggested that we go to De' Chiengmai Thai Seafood Restaurant as it's been quite some time since he last ate Thai food mainly because I think Hong Kees and the Chinese from China aren't really interested in Thai. Awwwwww.

De' Chiengmai Thai Seafood Restaurant is located pretty deep inside of one of the kampungs in Sungai Buloh, it's really easy to get there since they are considered as a kind-of famous place there and also, I think there's something really magical called the GPS.

The last time the father ate there was around 2 or 3 years ago and he told all of us it's superbly good since the owner's Thai and all. So, we went there last week for dinner 'cause the father kept asking for Thai food.

This was the entrance. 
Sorry for the horrible quality, it was getting quite dark and I had to photoshop the whole thing just to make it look look-able.

There's more pictures of the whole place actually, but all of them looks like crap so I'll just describe it.
They have like a lot of parking spaces so there's no worries of not finding a park space and they really went all out with their decor just to make it look very Thai.

When you enter the place, there's like this hallway and I don't know why but I really didn't like it.
It just felt like it was a place that we'll go for our motivation camps or something like that, you know the canteen that you go to super early in the morning just to eat horrible food? Yeah, it looked like that.

The thing you see once you enter the restaurant. 
I think I took all the following pictures with the soft-high key mode since it was kind-of dark ._.

Self-service dessert.
RM5 for every bowl.

Being a cheapo and very aunty-like, I piled my bowl and took the ice from my own table so I can put more stuff. This was in my mind while I was taking the stuff "PILE UP MORE SINCE YOU PAY FOR IT ALREADY, YOU TAKE 1 SCOOP IT'S RM5, TAKE 5 SCOOPS ALSO RM5, MIGHT AS WELL TAKE MORE!!!!!!"

but unfortunately, I regretted taking so much. 
First of all the santan base was too sweet, I actually had to halved in into another bowl and added some water and ice just to make it less sweet but it was still so sweet. I ended up just eating the jelly since that was bearable. ._.

This was the sweet and sour fish, it was around RM50-55, if not mistaken?
To be honest, this really tasted horrible too. It wasn't even sour at all, I just tasted super sweet sauce on the fish and when the fish was served it was super cold  and I do not like my food cold, mind you.
I felt as if I was eating something that was sugar-free, like literally, I think they've got some sponsorship on sugar so they put in extra sugar in everything that they cook since their sugar is free.

Mango with fried anchovies salad (top left) - RM25
Stir-fried Kai Lan (bottom right) - RM20/25, if not mistaken.

I think the salad wasn't really worth it and it didn't really taste that good, just normal and as for the vegetables, I think it was the only nice dish out of all the stuff we ordered.

We also did ordered seafood tomyam, I forgot how much it was but it's pretty pricey too. There was also pandan chicken, we had 6, it's RM3 per piece. It tasted fine but the texture is like super gooey. Didn't take pictures of those since I wasn't interested anymore.

The total of our dinner that night was almost RM190, which was super expensive if you ask me since I didn't even eat anything as the food wasn't really good. Overall, their food didn't meet our expectations and I guess they must've changed the chef or something since the last time we went and they must've got a sponsorship on sugar.

De'Chiengmai Thai Seafood Restaurant - 1 out of 5.

0.5 of their score goes to their really nice decor, 0.3 goes to their really clean toilets and the 0.2 goes to the flower that was beside the fish.

De Chiengmai Thai Seafood
No 34, Kg. Sentosa, Bt. 13 Sg Buloh 47000
Sungai Buluh Selangor

GPS: 3.224241, 101.568655
Tel: 03-6156 3225

Over-sized asymmetrical top from Cotton On
High-waist floral printed shorts from ASOS
Black bucket bag with fringe from 1997 


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  1. Hi..I totally agree with your comments about food at De'Chiengmai restaurant. The food is considered expensive if to compare to the food taste and quality. All sweet and the portion is very small though you order L size.