Wednesday, October 10, 2012

eyebrows 2.0

hello guys! this here is a scheduled post that was typed a day before PMR on 10:07pm.
so I realized, most of my traffic sources were from my eyebrow post which was written ages ago, if you have not read it yet, it's here,

anyways, so I realized not only did people really like seeing people eybrowless, they especially like searching for One Direction being eyebrowless. so without further ado, I've kindly helped you with all your searchings.

 Harry Styles looking very fabulous.

Zayn, eyebrowless.

One Direction, eyebrowless.
 group photo!

  okay, honestly, this is really cute.

 oh, Harry. hahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahaha.

 You've got that one thing, Harry.

Louis Tomlinson, eyebrowless.
I actually think he looks mighty fine. 



 Liam Payne, eyebrowless.

and that's my take on One Direction! I really hope nobody's gonna flame this post since nobody is insulted or anything in this post as I myself am a Directioner too. Once again, just like the previous eyebrow post, I shall end this on a higher note so you guys would forgive me. ):

hey, we've got to live while we're young right?

ps: sorry for the horrible horrible photoshopping, did this post in a rush!

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