Monday, October 29, 2012

leather and floral

Studded floral top - TOPSHOP 
skinnies - Forever 21
Leather wedges - Cotton On
Bucket bag with fringe - 1997

this was taken yesterday after the Prefects and Librarians' night which I will blog about it soon when I actually get all the pictures. All the pictures that I took with my camera were either camho shots or very dumb and senseless stuff. hahahahahahaha. oh and not much pictures this time 'cause Paggie took them instead and I realized the place has horrible lighting. wtf.

oh and also sorry for the horrible quality 'cause I just saved them off Facebook.

ANYWAYS. GUESS WHAT I GOT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I actually skipped half day of school today again just to go collect this. #dedicatedblogshopowner

nah ending this post with gay edited pictures of me wtf.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Of kimchi and bulgogis

I am very lazy. For now just look at the pictures and feel hungry. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fyl.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Starbucks tee from Thailand
Shorts - ?
Giraffe earrings - 1997
Socks - Cotton On
Loafers - TOMS

Tried shooting outdoor instead today since the weather was really windy as it rained just before I went down (mind you the puddles!)

Found these shorts hiding deep in my closet (God, I just love this feeling, it's like I've just bought something but I didn't. wtf), they were actually 2 sizes bigger than my size which explains the extremely long strings at the front. 

Anyways, mixed my TOMS today and wore one of each colour since I couldn't decide what colour I wanted and it did turn a few heads being odd!

 Le me being very happy with the pictures!!

To the best photographer in the world (well, at least to me) , Tripod!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 days.

10 days.
10 days.
10 days.
10 days.
10 days.

10 days.

10 days. 


THIS IS WHAT'S GETTING ME SO EXCITED AND HYPED UP ABOUT. omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

My 5 year old dream is finally coming together. I swear I will freaking make the place flood with tears of joy when I see them.

.gifs are so useful when I'm too lazy to type out my feelings.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

eyebrows 2.0

hello guys! this here is a scheduled post that was typed a day before PMR on 10:07pm.
so I realized, most of my traffic sources were from my eyebrow post which was written ages ago, if you have not read it yet, it's here,

anyways, so I realized not only did people really like seeing people eybrowless, they especially like searching for One Direction being eyebrowless. so without further ado, I've kindly helped you with all your searchings.

 Harry Styles looking very fabulous.

Zayn, eyebrowless.

One Direction, eyebrowless.
 group photo!

  okay, honestly, this is really cute.

 oh, Harry. hahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahaha.

 You've got that one thing, Harry.

Louis Tomlinson, eyebrowless.
I actually think he looks mighty fine. 



 Liam Payne, eyebrowless.

and that's my take on One Direction! I really hope nobody's gonna flame this post since nobody is insulted or anything in this post as I myself am a Directioner too. Once again, just like the previous eyebrow post, I shall end this on a higher note so you guys would forgive me. ):

hey, we've got to live while we're young right?

ps: sorry for the horrible horrible photoshopping, did this post in a rush!