Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hummingbird heartbeat

Pull & Bear pullover sweater, Pull & Bear cuffed shorts (not seen in pictures but yes, I am wearing.)

Because nobody can ever get over the overlaying trend on pictures and who can ever say no to overly-edited pictures? Haha, pretty much the results of editing materials until the wee hours of 5 in the morning and getting stuck in the limbo where the sun is up but not up and having a hard time to decide if I should go through the day with no sleep or sleep like a log for almost 10 hours. Obviously, the latter was chose and I just woke up around 5 hours ago at 2 in the afternoon which would make me stay up all night again tonight. I can see this chain-reaction ending badly but it's okay since I have a morning flight back to Hong Kong tomorrow but I have yet to pack but hey, life's all about living on the edge right? 

I am going no where with my ramblings now but I'm sorry for the sudden hiatus again since my swollen eye has not been getting any better hence the no-face pictures haha. Fingers crossed for my eye to quickly get better soon so I can shoot normally again without having the face of a punching bag. ):

PS: I meant it when I said you're a cunt and please go away.
PPS: Please don't go away, pretty beautiful faces. 
PPPS: I was referring to the swollen eye, ew. ):
PPPPS: I'll be updating really frequently on both my Twitter and Instagram there so follow!*shamelessselfpromoting

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello from my iPhone - my favourite things.

Since I am a shit lazy blogger and forever not changing my laziness, I've decided to come up with posts like these from time to time to keep my blog half as alive as my Instagram? (Hey, at least I'm trying ): )

I've just recently came back from one of my best trips back to Hong Kong and yes it'll soon be blogged once my trustworthy (not really) Sze Yinn uploads everything so blame her if I'm not blogging about it soon. Hue hue hue. 

What else is there going on? Hmm, well I've just done a few shoots and I've yet to edit them and these will soon be up once  I've done editing all of them and also I'm planning a few shoots more before mid-October so yeah, that's pretty much! 

PS: No, that's not all, in fact, I've got a few collabs coming up and I'm planning something bigger soon so stay tuned!

Until I am not lazy again,