Friday, August 30, 2013

This Is Us

# word vomit post ahead, play this in case you drown from my thoughts.

Hey guys, remember when I ditched studying for my major exam last year and decided to remove eyebrows from One Direction? Yeah I do too and here's the link to refresh your memory. (CLICK ME!)

"Wait, who's this One Direction?! An automobile workshop?" Unless you've been living under a rock (heck, even if you're living under a rock, you'd still know them.), you would have a 99.98% of knowing them as the 5 English guys who just literally took over the world with songs. No, I am not exaggerating.

Anyway, today was the first day of premier of One Direction's movie, This Is Us and if you follow me on Twitter (here's the cue for you to follow! #selfpromote), around 8 hours ago, this would've been your timeline:

Yes, I've decided to give it a shot since there was nothing else to watch and I didn't have enough balls to watch some horror movie. (I was actually really excited, that just an excuse, can't blame me, they are pretty darn adorable.)


Like I mentioned earlier, I was actually really excited and I still am for the movie (just typing this out makes me feel excited too wtf.) It could be my big love for concert movies or it's probably because it's One Direction., I strongly agree with the latter. 

I'm no movie critic or whatever but I watch a fair good amount of movies and I'd like to say this has got to be one of the best concert movies that I've ever watch and the only reason it's not the best yet is because I am loyally attached to Big Bang. That's it, the only reason. Sure, the 3D effects were actually pretty much pointless (they actually sucked really badly if you compared it to Justin Bieber's or Katy Perry's movie, please don't kill me.) other than making you pay 2 times the amount of a normal movie ticket but it's all worth it, every single ringgit from the RM21 that I paid. 

This literally had all the elements to making a good documentary/ celebrity dairy thing hahahaidk but you get the point! It had,









Just basically whatever that One Direction is made up of.

Honestly though, whatever that Tyler Oakley said about falling in love with them after the movie is 101% true because I am a victim of the One Direction-taking-over-the-world-thing. This movie just showed that they're still really normal people after all, they have fun, joke around, smack each other's arses and everything else that we do. It shows us that they have their insecurities and feelings too, just like us. 
It shows us that, they're just like any other 5 college/university aged guys and that they're only odd because of their jobs. 

I think I am officially a quarter Directioner now. Shit.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Just a lil' short mime skit trick thing (idk what else to call it hahaha) that I did earlier this week during Drama and since I'm only a quarter done with editing, here's to quench your thirst. No, not really, this is actually really embarrassing since this was literally my first time and I think I look like a walking bamboo stick filled with nothing but paranoia and nervousness that people who have their speakers muted would think I am probably a little crazy, just a little.

Ps: It was recorded with my phone, hence pardon the quality? (actually thanking it because of the crappy quality, you can't see my face which lessens like 50% of the embarrassment.) See you guys any time this week, that is if I'm actually productive!
Pps: Today, I found out that I've got readers from a pretty magical place named Latvia so hello my sexy faces!

(Yes, I was blowing up a balloon, mime logic darla, mime logic.)
(I should really stop using so much brackets.)
(But I really like them so.)

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Top - Monki HK
Wool cardigan - Topshop
Skirt - Zara
Necklace - Diva

This post now deserve the lamest blog title of the century award. I'm sorry I've been neglecting from posting and to top it off, I've actually had this post done like what, 2 weeks ago? I just got really really magical Youtubers taking over my life and also movies and assignments and tests and everything ew. (except for the Youtubers part that is)

Anyway!!!! The travel diaries and everything else sparkly will be done soon and I'll try to rush them out before the month end? *fingers crossed!*


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Charlie Brown

Supreme tee - Supreme HK
Varsity - H&M
Hair done by Re:Do Korean Boutique Hair Salon @ Mont. Kiara

(Excuse me for the cheesy lines, I actually hesitated at first but they just seemed so pretty on the pictures therefore I couldn't remove them HAHA) SO I've shot these over a couple of weeks ago? Actually wanted to post these last week but I've been super caught up with school and travelling (aka I didn't have access to my laptop aka no editing aka no posts). Everything aside first, as promised in my previous previous post, I'll be talking about my hair more this time around! 

For almost a year now, every time when I needed to do my hair, I would only turn to Number76 in Bangsar or the salon in Citta Mall (I've forgotten the name of it but that's not the point here!!) This time around though, I've decided to try a new saloon that my friends had introduced me to which is called Re:Do. Well, Re:Do Korean Boutique Hair Salon to be exact and as most of the people who knows me, they'll probably know that I've this big thing for anything and everything Korean for the past 5 to 6 years already. So obviously, I was super excited to try out this salon along with my beb, Amelia. (:

Interior of Re:Do. (pictures from Re:DO KL Facebook)

Re:Do Korean Boutique Hair Salon,

  • 19 G Jalan Solaris 4, Mont Kiara
  • 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mondays to Sundays: 10:00am - 8:00pm

Phone: 03-6206 4020

"RE:DO Hair Boutique is a unisex hair salon, specializing in men and woman's hair, that offers a unique service in colouring , cutting and styling. This distinct space offers more than just a hair cut with experienced hair designers , coffee & services."

Big love for how simple but not simple and empty but not empty the interior of the whole place is. (ok, I just realized what I wrote doesn't make any sense but you get the point so whatever HAHA) If you happen to visit them and wonder where the dressing table under the mirror is, don't freak out like me. When I said it was empty but not empty, I literally meant it because it was so empty but yet even without the table, they still manage to have more than enough things for you to put your belongings and all at. 

Me, unleashing my inner Star Trek. 

So, during my visit, I dyed my hair, bleached my tips, cut and also had double treatment! All of these totaled up to RM480. Now before you jump into conclusion thinking that it's really expensive and all, I actually had to bleach twice which means bleaching alone already costed me around RM200, which is considered cheap compared to most salons. Sure, you can buy a pack of bleach for around RM30, but bleaching yourself comes with the risk of either having all your hair over-bleached which leads to hair breakage or having an ugly shade of monkey fur colour that is uneven due to having little to no experience. 

As for the hair dying, cutting and treatment, I'll rate it for a 4 out of 5 which I think is pretty good since it is a newly-opened salon and I had the balls size of bowling balls by asking them to do whatever they wanted with my hair and this usually ends up me having fugly hair but I actually had hair that I think I like. I'll safely say that Re:Do has been added in my list of salons that I actually like and I would definitely visit them again hehe!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


So lately I've been going out more than the usual (I'm finally accepted into society!) and I finally realized some of the stuff and this goes out to everybody whom I've went out before with or wants to hang out with me (which is virtually nobody).

 Luckily for you, to avoid this you just have to keep reminding me and pissing me off or bribe me with things but I would prefer the latter because sometimes I'd just bail because I am pissed off.
 11 out of 10 people agreed with this.

Or you can also just barge right in to my house to wake me up.

Unless my phones run out of battery but I might be getting a powerbank soon so. HEHE.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Heart on fire

Sweater - Topshop.
Hair done by Re:Do Korean Boutique Hair Salon @ Mont. Kiara

It's 4:09am right now and I am still up and awake just to complete this post before I have a short getaway back to Hong Kong and I'm just really really exhausted and hungry right now that I think I am practically starving. Full hair details on next post, I guess since I don't even think my brain is even functioning and in sync with my fingers anymore due to my tiredness. Some chicken nuggets would be really good right now, mmm.