Thursday, August 2, 2012

#augustphotoaday - books

So, to make it up to you guys today, I've put in slightly, just sligggggggggggghtly more effort! For today it's books!

 Archie comics of  le bro and me. Collected since 2004/2005? There was more but some of them are probably left in our old house since we had too many of them. These are just our favourites and some of them are coverless 'cause they were too old. I think. D:

 The Harry Potter series. I think le bro collected all of them bac then but I was too lazy to dig them out. Not really a Potterhead, but yeah since it was J.K. Rowling's birthday a few days ago! 

"This is for the woman who gave me my childhood. Who touched millions of hearts. Who changed my life forever. Happy Birthday, Joanne Rowling."

"No story lives unless someone wants to listen." And no story lives on unless a great author comes along. Happy Belated Birthday Joanne Rowling! 
quoted from Twitter @harrypotterings

 This is my the mini book cum every other thing shelve that is in my room. 
Spot whatever that's in the picture! :3

 One of my most precious and loved novel series. Finished the whole Princess Dairies series in just less than 1 month++ !!! 
I remember when I first got my first Princess Dairies novel at a book fair for only RM2 and that was then I knew, 

 Jane Eyre bought it in the BSD Carnival Day for only RM2! 
The following pictures are taken with the retro effect as the lightning in my room sucks really badly.

 artsy picture wannabe #1

artsy picture wannabe #2

kthxbai. tomorrow's sunglasses! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEH.

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