Monday, September 24, 2012


Don't worry, this is not one of those cheesy blog posts talking about my dreams, future or whatever. I've been wanting to write this for quite some time already but I guess I didn't get annoyed enough and I didn't get enough experience to write about this. Not sure if you have already guessed it, but this post is going to be dedicated to all those annoying dreams that I get almost every time I sleep and I sleep a lot so you can probably imagine how annoyed I get. 

I mean, seriously, just last night, I had a dream meeting freaking G-Dragon and Zac Efron. AT THE SAME PLACE AND SAME TIME! Oh, you might think that this might be the best dream ever anyone can have. BUT NO. It confuses the crap out of me because I cannot decide who I want to hug first. 


and just when I've finally decided, guess what. 
My mum comes in and wakes me up to go to school and I get the fuzzy eyes and super pissed off because the dream will annoy me for the rest of the day and I'll try to sleep to get back the same dream. It may seems senseless but I bet 90% of you do that too! 

oh and did I mention, I once had a dream that I was in the YG building. and I mean THE YG BUILDING which Big Bang, 2NE1 and every other person on Earth which has the swag level of an exploding volcano in. and guess what! I don't know why but in my dream, GD was my freaking tour guide in the YG building and I think we spoke Chinese. hahahahaahahahahaahahahahawtf. then I think while he was showing me the studios and all. I GOT WOKE UP AGAIN. and you know what happens next. I stay annoyed for the whole day. 

And to add up to my list of annoying dreams, there's those dreams where you are walking in like this super 
pretty place.

and you are like admiring the beautiful view and all and you're walking even more.

and next thing you know, you are falling off the cliff and congratulations, you have just woke up in the middle of the night, feeling very annoyed!

seriously and you can never get back to sleep, not until like after an hour or so and you'll wake up feeling cranky because you didn't get enough sleep and you'll be even more annoyed. 

also!! one of the things that's like super annoying to me are morning texts. here's what I got this morning:

 seriously, are you that desperate for votes? I'm not even legal yet. wtf.

hahahahahahahaha, the blue one's my reply. 
I sound like some cranky old single aunt who sits on the rocking chair and knits hand mitts and socks everyday and has 10 flat-face dogs and 10 flat-face cats as pets.

yeap, pretty much it.

okaybye. I am annoyed just by thinking about these stuff. 

hahahaajahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahwtf. made it extra large.

Friday, September 21, 2012

How to be...

upmarket, elegant, fashionable, expensive, luxurious, exclusive, smart, stylishly luxurious, luxe, sumptuous, lavish, opulent, rich, royal, regal, luxury, grand, fashionable, swanky, classy, ritzy, snazzy, high-class and...


now, the first step you need to do is, play the video below.

why you may ask? 'cause you've gotta get in da groove!
besides playing the video you've got to go, here , and click that magical button named Like! Oh it has a thumbs-up next to it too, in case you can't find it! after doing so, you are officially 50% more fabulous then you were 2 minutes before.

now you've just go to go shop, here and you will be 30% more fabulous! Now, you must be wondering, HOW DO YOU GET TO BE 100% FABULOUS? Go watch Mean Girls 1, I REPEAT. MEAN GIRLS 1 NOT 2 and do the following.

only pink on Wednesday, you can only wear your hair in a pony tail once a week or else you wouldn't get to sit on our cool and fabulous table.

tell yourself that everyday and go learn the Jingle Bell Rock dance by Christmas.

 last but not least, try not to stand on the road when a big yellow bus is coming your way.

and now, you're on the road to fabulousity.

okaybye. I think I've just wasted 10 minutes of your lives. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rise, I say, riseeeeeeeeeeee!

annoying salesperson mode: on

SO GUESS WHAT GUISE!! and no, I did not capture a unicorn yet, but I'll be there soon enough but; I've just got the next best thing on plate for everybody and I mean it, it's not one of those clothes posts that I'm doing for 1997 this time, it's ........

no, I am not selling drums either. 
I'm here to promote what else but Rise n' Run! If you have not heard of this, which I highly think you have not heard of it as it's not really publicized yet, Rise n' Run is a marathon that Sekolah Sri Bestari is holding for the very first time for everybody! Never heard of the school called Sekolah Sri Bestari? It's okay, 'cause Sekolah Sri Bestari is painted in a green colour that is so common in almost every Malaysian's eyes that once you reach Bandar Sri Damansara, you'll spot it almost immediately! 

Now, what is Rise n' Run you may ask? It's a marathon for everybody, like I said! But what is it for? Well, let the copied stuff that I got from Rise n' Run's facebook page tell you because I would probably make it sound really lame.

Rise 'n' Run will be Sekolah Sri Bestari's first ever charity run organized by the students. Main objectives of this run is to simply spread awareness about personal health and healthy living. By having a charity run, we can combine passion for community service with athletic performance.

Donations collected will be given to The Selangor and Federal Territory Association for the Mentally Handicapped (SAMH). It is a non-profit voluntary organization. Its headquarters, Wisma Harapan is located in Kuala Lumpu
r. It was started of by a group of parents and voluntary workers under the sponsorship of the then Rotary Club of Klang and Port Swettenham. From a humble beginning of 4 children and one teacher, the Association now has 11 special schools and centres catering to more than 520 children with varying mental disabilities.

sounds interesting eh? Now, look at the pretty poster that they have!

so pretty right! as stated above, the pricing is pretty reasonable, I mean RM15 or RM20 for a student? RM20 or 25 for college students? RM25 or RM30 for anybody for doesn't fall into either one of the first two categories? It's really cheap! Wanna know why? Because! By joining this, you get to lose weight, you get to stay fit and healthy, you get to meet new people, you get to sweat, you get to get some sunlight (I make human sound like a plant, wtf) , you get fresh air that you don't get on a daily basis, you get to spend money without feeling bad, you get to donate,you'll get a shirt, you'll get free water, you'll get a certificate and if I'm not wrong, I think you are able to get a medal too once you finish the race, but this I'm not really sure, so don't kill me if I'm wrong. 

Now, is that beneficial? Of course it is!! You get to like what, 11 things just by spending RM15-RM30!! WITH THAT, YOU CAN'T EVEN BUY A SHIRT FROM TOPSHOP, YOU MAY JUST BE LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE THERE WHEN THEY HAVE SALES AND JUST BUY A PAIR OF UNDERWEAR! Which is more worth it? A pair of underwear or all those 11 things? All those 11 things of course!!! 

Look, I even googled the benefits of marathon just to prove to you guys how beneficial it is!

what! about 4,060,000 benefits of joining a marathon, that is way better than a pair of underwear!

now that I've convinced you guys enough, visit the Rise n' Run official page which is,  
to get the registration form and know more! Hurry and join now because there are only limited spaces available and you have to register by the 21st of September which is like 4 days away including today! 

Join now and enjoy over 4,060,000 benefits for joining a marathon!

trust me, it's a deal of a lifetime! 


Baseball jersey - 1997
High-waisted checked skirt - vintage

okaybye, remember, go join and visit them!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kampar, Perak

Kampar (Chinese:金宝)is a town in the state of Perak, Malaysia. Founded in 1887, the town lies within the Kinta Valley and located in the newly-created Kampar District, an area rich with tin reserves. There were many tin mines on the outskirts of Kampar during the height of the mining boom. Most of them were established in the late 19th century, flourished in the 1900s, only to stagnate and decline after World War I, with the exception of an exhilarating boom in the 1920s. Most have closed down following the collapse of the industry.

you know what? I think Wikipedia should change their description of Kampar soon to maybe something like this; Kampar (Chinese:金宝)is a town in the state of Perak, Malaysia. The town which offers too much of good food that you feel guilty for not eating but after you've ate it, your tummy will become bigger and happier and once you've ate the food that this food-filled town offers, the numbers on your scale will increase.

without further ado, let the food make you hungry.

left the hous around 7, reached around 8 something! this was a road-side store that's kind-of popular among the people here!

the store sells really really good kuih especially the yam cake and the white cake thing that's taken out from a tiny bowl!!!
the noodles were pretty good too!


Some of the kuih that they sell! The white one has coconut in it, when I ate it, it was so chewy, I almost choked. No lie!

Yam crust things with meat inside? I don't know what's it called in English lah, I just know it's called wu tau kok and it's superbly good man. 

The woman behind all the good food!
When I took this picture, she purposely "posed" for this and told me to write nice things about her shop. 
hahahahahahahahahah so cute right!!!
told you it's quite popular! there were like super lot of people coming and going just to get food!!

the stuff that I couldn't eat while walking. I asked for extra potatoes and fishball. omg.

ordered another bowl of curry pan mee, super lot of filling and the total of everything was only RM18 FOR THREE BOWLS. THREE I TELL YOU!!!!

No Malaysian breakfast will be completed without these two.
Milo ice and coffee! RM2.60 ONLY FOR BOTH. Everything here is omg cheap.

Went to the really famous Yau Kee restaurant!
My grandfather goes there almost everyday that my grandmother and my mother secretly thinks that he had bought the shop over or something. wtf.

Duck soup! This goes with the duck noodles, forgot how much it was but it was pretty cheap. Didn't try it so I couldn't comment on it. Sorry! ): BUT IT DID SMELL REALLY GOOD.

No, my camera wasn't out of focus, it's the steam from the soup warmer thing that made this picture like this!

The wrapped up corpse-looking things are salted chicken! Didn't try this, 'cause I really hate salted chicken ._.

some of the pastries that they have!

more pastries! SO CHEAP RIGHT.

guess what this is.

curry chicken in bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
RM28 for the small ones which aren't really small at all and RM46 for the gigantic ones!

see! even the super famous food critic guy came here before!

quite a lot of people and this was already quite late, around 2 something?

sorry. hahahahahahaahhahahhahahahahhaha.










I know you're doing it, it's okay.


prawn wantan! this was pretty good, maybe a 3.5/5?

friend noodles! 
We ordered the one with less beansprout 'cause they say it tastes better without it and it does!

wow, fantastic baby.

kankung belacan!

let the light shine on it!!!

sweet and sour chicken!

this was actually kind-of meh but whatever. the other tastes good!

oh yeah! they also have an unair-conditioned side!
wait, is unair-conditioned even a word?