Monday, July 16, 2012

The story of my birthday surprise

actually, the title quite perasan but OH WELL!
So. It was an early Saturday morning and I had to wake up early (not really) to go to school for extra class because my friends forced me too. So I showed up late. I showed up when 2 classes were over and it was time to go for 'break'.
Suddenly hor, my friend emo for no reason. I was like. WTF. And.. then..

I sat down in canteen with my friends. Actually they all acting QUITE suspicious. QUITE. Then, from behind, a few of my friends were holding something, (I looked even closer.. a CAKE?!), then all my friends, stood up, AND STARTED CONQUERING THE CANTEEN BY SINGING THE LOUDEST BIRTHDAY SONG. EVER!!! I think my glasses almost cracked and the building almost fell down. ALMOST. But not yet. That's why my school still intact.

Pictures. From DEBBIE'S FB!! :3 All credit goes to her!

me crying from touched-ness. I refrain from putting any other solo shots of me because I WAS CRYING IN ALL OF THEM AND LOOKING UGLY OH GOD ok

oh gd. my beautiful beautiful gd.

My lovely friends. I love them all so much.

My friends enjoying the birthday cake that, for once, is not baked by me. I'm quite surprised there were spoons because it is tradition by my friends to eat without any. Kinda. Almost.

-the end-

will quah is a very, very hot man. sekian, terima kasih.

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