Monday, July 23, 2012

1997 - clothing!

Hello guys! Sorry for not posting the Bon Odori post yet as I have yet finish filtering the photos ._. I did not realized the amount of photos that I took. So as I can't blog about Bon Odori yet, I shall now blog about 1997's latest branch which is clothing!

From now on, 1997 wouldn't be just cupcakes or macarons or cakes or anything sweet just like our slogan; we'll include clothing in now! We'll be selling TOPSHOP, Asos, Zara and more inspired clothes at a low price so we can buy what we like without feeling our purses crying! I shall now stop blabbing and just upload some of the pictures that I've uploaded on our facebook page (: !

TOPSHOP inspired lace dress (black) - RM60

 Floral shorts (yellow) comes with free belt! RM40

 Peter pan collar mesh dress (pink) - RM45

Peter pan collar floral dress (turquoise) - RM45 

Double layer floral dress (pink) - RM50
Metal-tipped collar - RM22
Ribbon belt - RM15

get the whole set to get free postage! (:

Metal-tipped collar - RM22

Floral collar - RM20

and those are just some of it from our first collection! Can't seem to get enough from here and want more? Do visit our facebook page and the album!

Also, we're having a promoting right now that is for EVERY RM100 that you purchase, you'll be able to get free postage! 
terms and conditions applied.

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