Thursday, May 2, 2013

expired travel diary: Bali, Indonesia

First off, these pictures below are NOT mine as they were all taken by my ex-principle, Mr Chris. These were all taken during our trip to Bali last year during late October till early November. I was sorting out all my files and these pictures just popped out which reminded me that I have yet to post these pictures yet so, yeah! I hope I can make it up to you guys for posting these so late and this was even before I got my purple dip dye which explains the green hair, hahahh. Enjoy!

and that concludes my trip to Bali in Indonesia! I think I look horrible in all the pictures because it was around 40 degrees which was really really hot. So hot that I literally sweat once I step out from my hotel room. wtf. Even so, it was an amazing trip because it was my first trip to overseas with the school and with Paggie! I not only had fun but we gave back by paying a visit to the East Bali Poverty Project too! We visited this school that was situated in between 2 volcanoes and one of the was still life so it was pretty cool too wtf. The only means of transport to up there is with mountain jeeps and it takes around an hour to get there and the school practically had nothing which was pretty sad and we were told that some of the students have to walk around 3 hours just to get to the school because the live far away from the school. It was just really eye-opening and it made me feel so grateful with everything that I have. I guess this would be added into my collection of memories that I had collected from my time being in SSB. Sure, I complain ALL THE TIME when I was there but I guess it was one of the best part of my life that I had went through. I had my ups and downs there but those are the things that has made and shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you for everything, Sekolah Sri Bestari.

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