Friday, May 3, 2013

Dancin' in the rain

Box top - H&M
Velvet skirt - Topshop
NERD socks - Topshop
Checkered sneakers - Converse

expired outfit post too which was taken in Singapore and specifically at Marina Bay Sands! So here's the story, Paggie actually wanted to bring me up to the observation deck at MBS because apparently they have this really pretty swimming pool that she wanted to show me and wanted to shoot at. The ticket to go up there was around $20 or $25, if not mistaken. I was actually really hesitant because I'll be paying around RM55 just to look at a pool but after much convincing, Paggie got me to agree and so we went to get the tickets but only to find out that we're actually only paying for the observation deck to look at Singapore buildings which we can obviously do too from below wtf AND apparently the pool is only open to the guests of MBS and outsiders can only go there for 15 minutes for each tour that is set at specific time. Major wtf moment but I was actually secretly quite happy because I didn't need to spend so much just to look at a pool HAHAHA. 

Okay bye. The other Singapore pictures will be uploaded soon too, don't worry!   

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