Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amongst prom and chows chows

Today being the last day of April and with May coming, the prom season is in full swing. Or at least it is in my school. Dates have been confirmed, guys who got their dates are super happy while some will be going with their bros (bromance for lyfe), girls are starting to cut down on their meals and dresses are being hunted down; basically everybody's getting really really pumped up just for the thought of prom which will be in a month's time. Then there is me- the one who would feels nothing and it would just be another one of those nights. For the past couple of weeks, I've CONSTANTLY been asked why I'm skipping prom and why I'm not as excited as the other girls and I'm starting to get tired so whenever someone asks me again, I'll just refer them to this post wtf.

"Y U NO GO PROM?!?!?!!?" 

1 - I am too cool for prom and prom obviously isn't as cool as me. hurhurhurhur.

2 - It's just too energy extracting and too much effort spent. I mean, I'll have to hunt for a dress and not just any dress, it has to be a legit dress or else you'll be bumping into someone with the same dress wtf. Then, I would have to get shoes and being 5"9- I am too used to wearing my sneakers to all formal events even when I am in legit dresses. HAHAHAHA. 


3 - I'd rather spend the ticket fees for Topshop. or food. Like, who wouldn't? wtf.

4 - It would be like 10000000000000000x awkward if you were going with your friend because you would be facing each other for what? At the very least 3 to 4 hours FACE TO FACE. So what are you gonna talk about for 3 to 4 hours? The weather, the bad music- oh I don't know, let's talk about My Little Pony! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE.

5 - I am too lazy to lose weight and this is basically my view right now.

6 - I am just basically very lazy.

7 - Maybe I was a sloth in my previous life and maybe I fell to my death by grabbing my own arm thinking that it was actually a tree branch. Silly, silly me.

8 - Everybody would be overdressed in tuxedos, long dress, hair done by some pro salon hair stylist, make-up done by some face painter and again, there is me- probably wearing Converse. HAHAHAHAHA.

9 - It'll be so cold and I don't like being cold. ):<

10 - I'd rather have a movie marathon or concert marathon. EH PLZ, WHOLE NIGHT FILLED WITH ZAC EFRON OR BIG BANG. COUNT ME IN PLZ, ANYTHING FOR THAT. HEHEHEHEHE. Can you imagine, non stop hotness oozing out from Zac Efron and Big Bang. HOIMAGAD. 

I think so too, Zac.



SEE HOW CAN ANYBODY CONTAIN THEIR FEELS FOR THESE PEOPLE?! Now do you get why I'd willingly and easily choose anything over prom? 

If you do, here are some chows chows from Beijing. Enjoy.

This post may seem very half-assed, but it's not okay!! Spent 2 hours!!

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