Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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new post below!

so recently 1997, branched out to Hong Kong stuff and all since thee dad is now there like almost every time and I can just order stuff from there and he'll post it over to me or bring it back when he's back. duh.

last week, I've just uploaded a brand-new album for September and that was the second batch of stuff that I ordered from Hong Kong, you can view it by clicking the following link to 1997. most of the stuff are sold out already by now due to limited stocks but fret not, we've still got some left! also, some people were asking me if those were the only stuff for that album and I actually lied and told them yes (wtf, ikr) because there's actually 2 more tops that I really really like and it's Alexander McQueen inspired.

I shall now stop and just show you guys the pictures as evidence why I like it so much!!

 Black golden tiger collar-tipped with studded tigers top - RM58 
super long name for super nice top.

 Brown golden tiger collar-tipped with studded tigers top - RM58 

 paired mine with the neon skater skirt which you can get from here
played with curves and all in Photoshop today!

I know the price might be slightly higher than the usual stuff 'cause the cost price of this top is really really expensive. I've only got 1 in each colour left since I kept 2 for myself and I won't be restocking this anymore! E-mail me at or 
send me a message via 1997's facebook page to reserve one now! :D


real post nao!!

random pictures that I took for the past few days, decided to post them all up although I think nobody is gonna see or read them because I just realized that I've been leaving my blog here empty for like almost 2 weeks (shit me) and by doing so I wouldn't feel so bad for leaving my blog dead. hahahahahaha. wtf.

random picture number 1.

it's times like this when you need to call the Mat Pomen thugs that works 24 hours that you see by the black and white road side things.

or you can just call Ludacris.

random picture number 2.

"eggs you'll take to heart"
yeah, cholesterol that is. geddit geddit!


random picture number 3.
the following picture may contain contents that might be offensive to some. You must be over 18 or have parental supervision around for going pass this. 

why so serious. hahahahahahahaahahaha.

okay lah, not sure if I've posted this before this was taken from the Bon Odori a few months ago in Publika. Made it extra small because:
a) I'm not sure if I've posted this already.
b) go click if you want to see the picture yourself.

so cute right!!!!!

random picture number 4.

this was something my brother and I were talking about a few days ago. 

random picture number 5.

people told me this wasn't funny but I still burst out laughing every time I see this. 
got this from one of those Facebook pages quite some time ago and saved it. always thought I could just use this when I'm at lost of stuff to blog about. 

funny right!!

Brown golden tiger collar-tipped with studded tigers top - 1997
Neon skater skirt - 1997

basically what was on the top of the post. hhahahahahaahahahaha.

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