Monday, October 8, 2012


if you actually got the title correct, you'll know what I mean. yes, PMR! so just to let you guys know, I'll be having my PMR exams starting from tomorrow up till next week Monday, which obviously means that I'll be gone for more or less a whole week! Yes, this is the part where you guys will cry of sadness and you'll tell me not to leave and I'll say I'll have to leave for good like what you see in the movies.

here's a sad background music for you to play while you feel sad and this is the part where you shall look out of the window and feel very very sad for a whole week and wish me luck for pmr.

hahahahaahahahahaahwtf. joking. 
 So, the main reason for this post is as you guys already know, I'll be away for a whole week. Actually not exactly a whole week, I'll try to check from time to time to reply you guys but if I don't reply, please bear with me just for a short while and before you know, I'll be back and replying you guys faster than the speed of light!!!!!!!

also, being very desperate and all, I've even scheduled a few posts while I'm gone to entertain you guys so please do check from time to time for updates!!! I hope you guys can feel my dedication now, wtf. okay bye! please please please wish me luck and I'll be back soon! 

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