Monday, October 29, 2012

leather and floral

Studded floral top - TOPSHOP 
skinnies - Forever 21
Leather wedges - Cotton On
Bucket bag with fringe - 1997

this was taken yesterday after the Prefects and Librarians' night which I will blog about it soon when I actually get all the pictures. All the pictures that I took with my camera were either camho shots or very dumb and senseless stuff. hahahahahahaha. oh and not much pictures this time 'cause Paggie took them instead and I realized the place has horrible lighting. wtf.

oh and also sorry for the horrible quality 'cause I just saved them off Facebook.

ANYWAYS. GUESS WHAT I GOT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I actually skipped half day of school today again just to go collect this. #dedicatedblogshopowner

nah ending this post with gay edited pictures of me wtf.

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