Friday, October 19, 2012


Starbucks tee from Thailand
Shorts - ?
Giraffe earrings - 1997
Socks - Cotton On
Loafers - TOMS

Tried shooting outdoor instead today since the weather was really windy as it rained just before I went down (mind you the puddles!)

Found these shorts hiding deep in my closet (God, I just love this feeling, it's like I've just bought something but I didn't. wtf), they were actually 2 sizes bigger than my size which explains the extremely long strings at the front. 

Anyways, mixed my TOMS today and wore one of each colour since I couldn't decide what colour I wanted and it did turn a few heads being odd!

 Le me being very happy with the pictures!!

To the best photographer in the world (well, at least to me) , Tripod!

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