Saturday, September 8, 2012

Adventures in Penang - part 2

You know that feeling when you promised everyone that you'll blog and you either just forget or got carried away having a Zac Efron movie marathon? Yeah,

 I just feel super guilty like especially when people tell me that they've been waiting for the post and all and I'll be like.


like literally.

to take the guilt away, here's the continuation for my adventures in Penang - part 1 ;

Starting with my OOTD!

Neon coral pink cropped top - Cotton On
Neon skorts (green) - 1997

Wake me up with a fulfilling breakfast!
Okay, I know it seems that I'm not really into the whole nutrition chart thing but I couldn't find any vegetable there and the only way to actually eat vegetable is that you had to line up in this super long line for omelet because they put vegetables in it and I really hate omelet. .____.

It's okay, when I saw this I got all excited and I was like,

fo' real.


I don't really remember what I took,
but I think I mixed the rice cripies with the frosties.

I present to you,
The meeting of rice cripies with Frosties added with a swish of peanut butter.
 This dish is made out of cereal which you can probably get from Tesco but I, as the chef of 1997, made it look better so you shall pay me RM35 just for a bowl of cereal.

Added the "swish" of peanut butter at the side to make it look expensive because I realized every time I look at really really good pictures of food, they usually have that and when they have that, it's super expensive and has a really long name.

When we left the buffet place, we saw this!

Yes, I was pretty fascinated. 
Know why?

This is why. See the resemblance?

I think someone's interested in the parrot too~~~~

this was me trying to be taller in Forever 21.
couldn't find anything that I wanted from Forever 21, so....

got a floral bustier for only RM69 it was freaking RM166!!!!!!!!!!!
and it's the only thing I bought in Penang!!!!!!!

edit: okay lah, since I think this post is pretty short, I shall just one-shot and add the third part in here.

 Day 3's breakfast is better than day 2. omg.


even had heart-shaped eggs!

I know most people will think that I'm crazy for going all the way to Penang just to eat hotel food but this my friend, is freaking good. I mean it.

 Nasi lemak with heart-shaped eggs, mini potato patties, sambal sotong and some nice egg!!

You know when they say to start your day right, you've got to have good breakfast? Nope, I don't think you'll know that 'cause I just made that up.
Anyway, I think having good breakfast is an essential part of our lives.

Black and red wool sweater - 1997
High-waisted floral shorts - 1997
Bandage slip-ons - Cotton On

wtf. I even think my legs looks thinner here, good breakfast is good!


 This was supposed to be a cross studded ring, but the sides chipped off, but it still looks fine to me. HAHAHAHAAHAHA.

 Studded bag straps - 1997
it was one of the straps from the black bucket bag with fringe but I decided to use it as a bracelet and it turned out surprisingly nice!

whole coordinate from 1997, except for the ring and the slip-ons!

To save this person from embarrassment, here's Zac Efron's face instead.

after that, went to Straits Quay again, 'cause we wanted to see how pretty it looks like in the morning!

 This doesn't look like Malaysia, does it?

why am I so lame. wtf.

yet another time. oh look, Zac Efron!
idk why this picture turned out like this but when I edited it, it was fine. D:

 this looks like the lonely road where a person breaks up with someone and they'll come here to shoot a music video about it! don't you agreeeeeee?

 well apparently, I don't think there's any blue whales in Penang.

 nope, don't think so!


this should be accompanied with this,



nah, I've filled it up for you already.

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