Tuesday, September 11, 2012

discounts, sales and moreee!

yes, you've got that right! I do have a message! 
and no this is not another one of those videos like in this link,


Just recently, we've hit our 10k+ views on our blog which is what you're reading right now and I'm not really sure if it's that big of a deal for most people, but it is to me! I mean how many not very fabulous and non-famous 15 year olds can get 10k views, not much right? Unless you're Justin Bieber or Zac Efron or someone super hot. Or something. 

 we've decided to have a few promotion, two actually for you guys to show our gratitude!

yeap, that's right. for youuuuu!
 yay, for the flowers that looks like they are for Mother's Day.

so here it is!

so basically, I copied this from our Facebook to explain what this is,

Hello! In conjunction of us reaching our 10k+ hits on our blog, www.nineteen-ninetyseven.blogspot.com ; we'll be having this promotion starting from now until the end of next week, which is on the 23rd of September! :D

The deal is on, order now! :D

terms & conditions -
1 - Free postage is only for posting to addresses in MALAYSIA ONLY.

2 - The free gifts (the mustache earrings and necklace) will be given while stocks lasts, if we run out of that, we will replace it
with something else which are the same value with these.

3 - This promotion is NOT TRADEABLE in exchange for cash.

4 - This promotion is only applicable for apparels, NOT FOR THE CONFECTIONERY.

thank you and have fun shopping!
and here's the other one,

as for this, we'll be having a different discount item everyday that will be discounted for 20% or more and for the first item we got it the TOPSHOP inspired chiffon dip hem dress, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=399052216815490&set=a.399051066815605.110972.203565186364195&type=3&theater , this was RM48 before discount, and after discount, it became RM38 only!!!!!!
WHERE ELSE CAN YOU FIND SOMETHING THAT IS TOPSHOP INSPIRED FOR RM38!!!! NO WHERE! But here's the catch, it's only gonna be on sale for a few hours and which will only be available until tonight, 11:59PM so get it now before it's too late!


okaybye. I hope those salesman convincing faces convinced you guys! Sorry for the short posts, longer one soon!

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