Friday, September 21, 2012

How to be...

upmarket, elegant, fashionable, expensive, luxurious, exclusive, smart, stylishly luxurious, luxe, sumptuous, lavish, opulent, rich, royal, regal, luxury, grand, fashionable, swanky, classy, ritzy, snazzy, high-class and...


now, the first step you need to do is, play the video below.

why you may ask? 'cause you've gotta get in da groove!
besides playing the video you've got to go, here , and click that magical button named Like! Oh it has a thumbs-up next to it too, in case you can't find it! after doing so, you are officially 50% more fabulous then you were 2 minutes before.

now you've just go to go shop, here and you will be 30% more fabulous! Now, you must be wondering, HOW DO YOU GET TO BE 100% FABULOUS? Go watch Mean Girls 1, I REPEAT. MEAN GIRLS 1 NOT 2 and do the following.

only pink on Wednesday, you can only wear your hair in a pony tail once a week or else you wouldn't get to sit on our cool and fabulous table.

tell yourself that everyday and go learn the Jingle Bell Rock dance by Christmas.

 last but not least, try not to stand on the road when a big yellow bus is coming your way.

and now, you're on the road to fabulousity.

okaybye. I think I've just wasted 10 minutes of your lives. 

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