Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hate mail

So yesterday, I got my very first hate mail.

Well, at least I thought I did. So yeah, no hate mail for meeeee! hahahaahahahahaahwtf. Yesterday, as I was watching Pretty Little Liars (anybody here who watches it too?!) which was super freaky 'cause the part that I was watching was they saw a message from the A person written on the mirror with Ally, the dead girl's lipstick. It's just really omg and you guys just have to watch it yourself okay, it's damn kancheong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the scene that I was watching.

OKAY, SO. As I was watching it alone since my mum was out and my brother was still sleeping. wtf. Then suddenly someone rang our doorbell, and normally when the postman comes or any other people comes, they'll intercom us to let us know but this time they didn't intercom, wtf. I wanted to look into the peep hole but I didn't see anybody, IMAGINE HOW FREAKED OUT I WAS.

Since the doorbell rang another time, I braced myself and opened the door.
and guess what, IT WAS JUST THE COURIER SERVICE GUY. I thought that I would open the door and see some freaky murderer or something, wtf. Turns out he said someone sent me a parcel and this was our conversation.
Me - But I didn't even ordered anything!!
Courier Service Guy - But it says your name here!!!
at this point, I just signed it and I took it in, and this happened,


 without further ado, I present to you, the nameless parcel.

I think the person who sent this must have a fetish for Nestle. 
wtf, joking.
does the word written with the marker pen says die? ):



 Boxful of sunshine!

Polka dots with floral detail shorts.
and it fits perfectly!!! omg. 

Distressed wash shorts. IN TURQUOISE!!!!! 
been looking for these since forever T________________T

Crochet with peep hole top.
This is too much already. omg. T___T

Leopard printed tank top with sequins.

and since I was going out yesterday, I decided to wear some of the stuff! 
Wore the crochet with peep hole top. omg nice and super comfy and it's super airy also!!! I think the crochet peep holes gave me air-ventilation. hahahahahaahhwtf.

oh yah, now you get to see my wet hair!

Crochet with peep hole top - ?
Neon pink paneled bodycon skirt - Hong Kong.

yes, really. 

to whoever that sent me all these things, please don't tell me you wrote the wrong address and if you did meant to sent them to me, here's a giant big fat,
 please contact me once you see this; send me an email, text me or anything. Thanks! (:

also, I don't really know why people would actually send me stuff since,

a) I'm not even famous or anything. wtf.
b) I don't think I'm  a blogger.
c) I have a blogshop
d) I think I suck.
e) I think I have a lot of haters.
f) I really think I suck.

and the lists goes on.

edit - before I forget, here's a few new things!

Just uploaded some stuff that the dad sent from Hong Kong recently! :D

Here's some pictures and you guys can go see the full album here,

1997, the fourth - September!

 Denim top - RM65

Aztec long-sleeves cropped top - RM30

Chiffon outerwear (black) - RM30

 Stripes wool sweater (blue and red) - RM55

ps: this is the sweater that I had on my day 3 in my adventures in Penang! (:

Paisley prints shorts -  RM38

High-waisted leopard shorts - RM39

Posh mustache necklace - RM20

ROWKY.COM inspired giraffe earrings - RM18

okay bye! remember, check out the full album here,

1997, the fourth - September!


  1. Posh mustache necklace still available ?? How to order..

    1. hello! I'm sorry but it's sold out ):