Sunday, February 3, 2013


PicMonkey Collage 




Cape - Uniqlo 
Beige top - H&M
Skinnies - Forever 21
Sneakers -  Converse

what I wore today and totally regretted as I felt as if I was in a walking-oven while shopping and constantly sweating. Apart from that, I felt pretty awesome due to the wings, just like Batman hence the title. This was originally done for the 25$ challenge by BUT as usual, I fail in almost everything I do. T________T

The 25$ challenge is basically putting up a whole outfit (top,bottom, shoes and/ or accessories) the challenge started a few days ago and it's ending on the 17th! Having the currency exchange in mind, which basically means that 25$ becomes RM80, I thought- hey, that's gonna be pretty easy!! which again I proved myself wrong. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. Gonna try this thing again for the next few outfits and for more info on the challenge you guys can click on the yellow icon that I'll put up at the end of this post!!

Also, since the Chinese New Year's coming in exactly a week from today, did my first CNY shopping spree today! Didn't get a whole bunch of stuff as I had hoped but here's today's small pile haul!


(click on the icon to know more about the challenge!) 


  1. Great post! Don't forget to add it to the blog hop so everyone can see :D
    Thank you for joining me in my challenge. You rocked it.

    1. thanks! I will be posting more soon and also already added into the list! :D