Monday, January 14, 2013


tribal cropped sweater - H&M
skull hi-low skirt - H&M
skull tattoo leggings - Hong Kong

this was what I wore for the flight from Hong Kong to Hat Yai, and it was me trying the prints on prints thing! Nothing much to say except for the fact that I've finally found like legit tattoo leggings and I super love them!! super comfy and it's so cooooooooool. even the Thai woman asked me this "yuu go dik ko ah?" trust, me I didn't get that too, until someone said "dikkko, dissssko!!"

hahahahahahahahaaahha okay bye, the dreaded Monday tomorrow. Oh God why.


  1. I really like the printed skull skirt ):

    1. Hi Xia Yi!! Got them at Hong Kong's H&M for around RM97! Maybe they have it here? :s