Tuesday, February 26, 2013

RAK: Mission 1

Helloderrr. No, I did not just "AIYA TALK BIG ONLY WON'T DO ONE LA" with the Random Act of Kindness operation. This was real, yeah, this was the real deal. (does that sound epic enough for you?)

Anyways, before I continue, you guys should watch this first:

Pretty sure most of you guys know them! This video was made years back by Jayesslee, the pretty Australia-Korean twins. O: We chose this as our first mission mainly because all we needed was a car with a driver in it, money and a note which is like optional!

Just like what they both did, we wrote a note for our "victims" too so they wouldn't think we're some serial killers or something wtf.

 picture credits to Paggie and Paggie's surprise appearance hand.

We were on the way to one of our friend's house, picked Paggie up and we headed to McDonalds. We waited for pretty long at the cashier counter guy for the next customer hence,



so yeah. Hey we waited pretty long for the next customer!!

Okay, when we saw the car coming we were literally screaming and turning around and jumping and screaming and like hyperventilating in the car. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I sometimes wonder how my mum feels about me. We actually waited pretty long for the ordering part too cause the first car's total was like RM49, if not mistaken. BUT HEY, IF YOU WANT TO BE KIND MUST DO IT ALL THE WAY!!

The nice cashier that we had! When I saw the cashier, I was actually thanking God that we didn't get the mean, short lady cashier which has on super thick eyeliner and pink lipstick until Paggie interrupted and asked me if the cashier was a guy or a girl WTF.


So when we told him that we're actually paying for the next person he was like HUH WHAT REALLY and we were like yeah we no play play one!! and my mum's swift thinking suddenly said we're doing it for Chinese New Year. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH and then she gave the guy an angpao. (Not bribery!!)

This was our second "victim" ! The super nice PED 5986!! 

PED 5986's total came up to only RM14! They actually took pretty long to order so Paggie and I were deciding if we should leave if their total would add up to like RM100 HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. (Be kind also need to be greedy too, hey, we're both still students! T^T ) When he found out that we paid for his family he actually took the paper out and wave at us!! What kind of niceness is this, faith is slowly being restored in the human race! (or at least in Malaysians wtf)

Being the clueless people that we are and having the idea that BSD is freaking huge since after every time running around the area, we'll feel like zombies, we actually bumped into one of our friends! AGAIN, WHAT KIND OF LUCK IS THIS. WTF. 


and she was so cute she actually posted it again without herself, 


and said this: 'Just in case you don't want me in the photo lol' quote Jia Wen

Anyways, here's to the first RAK Mission, the Drive Thru Difference! Hey, remember to keep looking out because you'll never know when we're coming!!

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