Thursday, February 21, 2013


"Ugh, why do you post so much pictures and say nothing?" 
"Ugh, I want words! Not pictures of you showing your clothes off!!"
"Like oh my God, can you type more?!!?!?!?!?!!"
"Seriously, you're booooooooooring."

which is probably what everyone thinks of my blog. (hahahahaha fml) 
and being the nice person that I usually am (hurhurhur) this wouldn't be an outfit post, it wouldn't be an expired travel diary post, not a post where I put in random pictures as filler and certainly not a rant post, I mean come on, my life is so boring I don't even have anything to rant on hahahahahahahaa.

so on one fine day, while I was talking with Paggie about that one time when we had our second movie marathon and being the smart and lazy people we were, we came up with the plan of buying tickets to Hansel and Gratel, Les Mis and also MAMA all in a go. Our plan was to finish a movie and go straight to the next movie hall, which was really, a perfect crime. Until I got lazy after Les Mis. Again, I am forever lazy and very very very anti-climatic (I was actually just scared that I'll be scared shitless since Joseph Germani tweeted about the movie and that was when I recently moved to a new place but yeah I was lazy too) just so we decided not to waste our tickets and we had extra time so guess what's the next best thing we did.

 YES, OKAY, BENAR, BETUL, SHI, HAI, OUI, 예, sí, YEAH AND YUP. We tried selling our tickets.
As you know, Paggie and I are both Malaysians living in Malaysia and being in Malaysia, having the typical Malaysian attitudes,everyone that we asked ignored us. They either walked away or stare and walk away or just pretend we're not there or this:

"pfft, please. I bet you 2 are just trying to play a prank on us. psssfffffft." 
After trying awhile, we almost gave up since it was always showtime and also nobody liked us....  
until Paggie overheard this Malay couple who wanted tickets but didn't knew what movie they wanted, she asked them like really really fast and they were like "HUH YOU SURE AR, FREE AH!!! YES!!!" and that was when we were pronounced men and food. HAHAHHAHA no wtf.

In short, we just told them it's a random act of kindness and after that we felt sooooooooooooooo good, we just wanted to do more random acts of kindness- we wanna give chocolates, give free socks, give hugs (this I'm sure nobody would want from me HAHAHAH) anything that may seem simple to us but that makes someone happy and that was when we came up with this operation that we'll be doing for a while! 

nice or not!! Background was stolen from Paggie's tumblr and fonts were edited on with Phonto. hahahahaha. Basically, we'll be doing random acts of kindness (random as in we don't know when and where we'll be doing it but we'll just do it when we feel like it) throughout a period of time. We don't know how long it's gonna be and how long it'll last , but hey, it's the thought, effort and dedication that counts right?

Maybe buying a couple a pair of movie tickets wouldn't be much, maybe buying someone lunch wouldn't be much, all that we're aiming for in this operation is leaving smiles and surprised faces on somebody random, anybody and it might just be you! (if you're in Malaysia, specifically KL that is. hahahahah)

We'll be looking forward with this 'cause I'm really really excited for this, wish us luck and may the odds be ever in your favour because who knows? The next person might just be you! (:

pictures of me are credited to Paggie @

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