Sunday, June 16, 2013

Up and away

White box top - Monki, Hong Kong
Hi-low printed skull skirt - H&M 
Rope necklace with embellishment - Warehouse
Studded loafers - Henry Holland for Debenhams, London

First off, happy father's day to all the amazing dads out there! Big thumbs up for you for being a dad! Yay boom boom pow pow fireworks. 

I'm sorry it took me a week to actually come up with a post but I have a reason and it's legit!! I was in Penang for 3 days and I actually bother bringing my big ass DSLR and my laptop there to blog BUT the hotel apparently had Internet with NO connection. Yes, I face palm myself too every single time I think about it again. Anyways! I've got tons of pictures waiting for me to edit and for me to show you guys so I guess that's great news? Hahaha.

Did this last minute shoot today in the evening since I've finally got a new tripod! (ques YAY!) I actually took the effort to go onto the back lane of my condo and to shoot. Thinking that there would no people there since NOBODY goes there unless you're driving but turns out there were a whole bunch of cyclist cycling back and forth and stopping and giving me weird stares. There was even one guy who thought I was taking pictures of cyclist and kept cycling back and forth until I told him I was actually taking pictures of myself and gave me a really really weird stare but other than that, I had fun thanks to the new tripod! Yay to the birth of Fluffy the tripod! 

Till I am actually not procrastinating Summer away with movie marathons, bye!

PS: I had fun making flamboyant GIFs of myself and I think there's gonna be a lot coming soon so please bear with me HAHAHAHA.

PPS: Big birthday shout out to my fluffy tortoises, E-Lyn and Jaclyn! Happy sweet 16!  

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