Thursday, June 27, 2013

Expired travel diary: Penang, Malaysia pt. 1

Dear Unicorn Creation Enterprise, I'd like to buy all your foosball tables because you have the best company name, ever.

this photo deserves the caption "Help me! I'm trapped but I'm looking really happy, help!"

"Me with artsy fartsy wall"

"Me and me friend with circular wall hole thing"

"Oh you know, just me being a poser with paper cranes hanging out from no where. Nothing much."

*inserts emo quote* 
The higher you build the walls around your heart.
The harder you fall when someone breaks them down.

Spot the similarities!

Pretty much rounds up a quarter of the second day when I was in Penang! Penang is always named as the number 1 place to go for food in Malaysia and it always does it's name justice every single time I go  there for a foodie trip! I guess Penang is just one of those place that a Malaysia MUST go or else they can just crap themselves or something? Hahahaha, I don't know about you but say hello to falsetto in three, two, swag. 

During my three days and two nights stay in Penang, we stayed in the Batu Ferringhi area and we headed out early in the morning to the other side of the island (correct me if I'm wrong?), Georgetown thanks to my 328.9km away tourguide, Wan Chi! Our first stop was Chinahouse and I must admit that the food wasn't actually what I expected it to be and it wasn't really the best but whoever that thought of the design and concept of the place deserves five thumbs up wtf. The place was literally like four or five places within a place?! Mind blowing, I know. The food tho was super expensive but let's just think that you're paying it as an entrance fee to get mind blown and to take pictures. HAHAHAH.

Originally decide that I'll blog the whole trip within a post but since I didn't have time to edit all of them in a shot and since I'm always running out of ideas, I'm gonna separate it into 2 or 3 posts, depending on my effectiveness (laziness, actually.) Also, I still owe you guys the Singapore and Beijing posts. 

HAHAHAHABYE. #sorrynotsorry

PS: I now wonder how the paper cranes survive in a rain since there's no roof above them, wtf.

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