Friday, June 28, 2013

불, 붙여봐라

Oversized wings sweater - TOPSHOP
Purple shorts - Bugis, Singapore
America flag sneakers - Converse

Just a simple filler crap post. In fact, this wasn't even suppose to be a post. These pictures were actually just taken for fun while we were waiting for time to pass and since I had to edit them anyways, I just thought of compiling it all up and make it a post since I am after all nothing but lazy and probably hungry HAHAHA. 

ANYWAY!!! IF YOU HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING MY TWITTER (@theycallmechong) or INSTRAGRAM (@amandactyan) !!! You would have know that I went to hands down THE best concert of the year and you would probably know what I'm talking about so, stay tuned for the next post because I am very excited to spill it all out already! Hehehehe!

Also! Big thank you to the person below for spamming pictures for I don't know what reason. There you go, Er Yen, I hope you're happy wtf.

okay bye, until I've finished editing and stop being lazy! 

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