Saturday, January 5, 2013

excuse me.

graphic sweater - 1997
burgundy skater skirt - 1997
tweed grey jacket - H&M

knee-length knitted socks - Topshop
sneakers - Converse

and that's pretty much my last coordinate for 2012! (actually no, it isn't; I would take me wearing my Christmas pajamas and fluffy bunny shoes as my last coordinate which I shall not post due to it's very embarrassing. harharhar) 
2012 was actually one of the most eye-opening year for me as I've done A LOT of things that I don't think I'll ever be able to do, for example, sponsoring Audrey ( for her wedding and actually being a part of the super magical event although my part was so very tiny was like a huge wow for me already (and this hasn't even include all my other awesome events which I have not blogged about. hahahahahahawtf.) Not only that, for the past of the whole 2012, I've met so many new people and I've gained so many new experiences that I don't think most 15 year olds are able to. 

As for 1997, wow. It started with us 3 girls in Coffee Bean, and now it's.... recognized? (I would use a bigger word but later like very self-praising. hahahahahahaa.) Never really thought that 1997 would actually come this far, it started with us being broke and needing some extra cash so we thought, why not? and now we're actually selling clothes and sponsoring people and having gift aways and all? WHO WOULD ACTUALLY THOUGHT OF THAT OK. And as for this blog, it started with me wanting to make it a blogshop then I got lazy and made it into my personal blog with me talking crap and I got even lazier and ended up posting my daily coordinates for the shop and now I'm getting random emails from people. My hits per day isn't like any other bloggers which means it's very low, unless I actually post it up the page, but I'm fine with it as long as I'm doing something that I actually like doing and as long it's not Maths. wtf.

okay bye I should stop now before I get all touchy touchy. Happy new year, guise and have a great year ahead!


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