Sunday, January 6, 2013


Bart sweater - 1997
Turquoise dress - H&M
Polka dotted socks - ?
Maroon creepers - Topshop
Studded backpack - Hong Kong

I don't usually go for the overly-priced stuff from Hong Kong but I actually got my first pair of proper creepers from there for like 199RMB only. AND GUESS THE BEST PART. IT WAS THE LAST PAIR THERE, IN MY SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LET ME BE HAPPY FOR ONCE OK CAUSE I FEET IS UNUSUALLY LONG SO I DON'T GET MUCH SHOES IN MY SIZE. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHHEEHHEHE. Wore the H&M dress inside which I got for only 50HKD in Hong Kong!! And no that's still not the best buy 'cause these backpacks. God, I love them so much and guess whut. It's like 180HKD for like super high quality and if I'm not mistaken, they're Topshop inspired too!

Yes, the pretty Bart with eyebags sweater is gonna be sold in 1997 for the next collection when I'm back (same goes to the other stuff that I wore in my other posts) !

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