Thursday, August 29, 2013


Just a lil' short mime skit trick thing (idk what else to call it hahaha) that I did earlier this week during Drama and since I'm only a quarter done with editing, here's to quench your thirst. No, not really, this is actually really embarrassing since this was literally my first time and I think I look like a walking bamboo stick filled with nothing but paranoia and nervousness that people who have their speakers muted would think I am probably a little crazy, just a little.

Ps: It was recorded with my phone, hence pardon the quality? (actually thanking it because of the crappy quality, you can't see my face which lessens like 50% of the embarrassment.) See you guys any time this week, that is if I'm actually productive!
Pps: Today, I found out that I've got readers from a pretty magical place named Latvia so hello my sexy faces!

(Yes, I was blowing up a balloon, mime logic darla, mime logic.)
(I should really stop using so much brackets.)
(But I really like them so.)

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