Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lightning in a bottle

Denim jacket - TOPMAN
Oversized top - H&M
Denim skirt - TOPSHOP
Socks - Forever 21, Beijing
Sneakers - Nike
Backpack - Agnès B.

Just realized how much stuff I put on myself even though it's scorching hot right now. My outfit for my first dress down day for my second semester here and also in conjunction of the reopening of Topshop in Pyramid, almost the whole coordinate is from Topshop! I felt so Topshop up to the point that I even tweeted that I felt like a Topshop worker that day  and I felt so honoured. #amandalogic.

Anyway! My second semester in this school just started and so far I'm in a love-hate relationship with it. Love the fact that I've gotten closer and bonded with much much more people over the Summer and hate, well, who doesn't hate school and on top of that, there's so much more assignments this semester compared to my first semester hence my non-stop rants on Twitter daily. I literally have a whole stack of assignments slowly pilling up everyday waiting for me to complete them and unit tests are coming soon, oh God why. AND AGAIN ON TOP OF THAT!! I've go a business presentation and assignment and unit test coming up tomorow, so, I'm pretty much dead meat, haha. Okay bye, till I actually feel like editing all the overdue materials again!

PS: Excuse me for challenging my American Apparel side in the first picture. HAHAHAHA.

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