Saturday, July 13, 2013

FAQ #2


I am currently in a clinic, waiting in line to get my eye checked. The 3G here stinks and the height measurement thing only goes up to 150cm therefore I have nothing else better to do than to blog from my phone. Since I have no post worthy pictures here in my phone, here's to answering all your unanswered questions again, yay!

1 - Why do you reply so fast and why are you constantly online?
Well, I don't have a life and I don't have friends. Sadly. 

Haha no, have you ever heard of something magical called 3G on phones?  Yeah, that's the reason why I'm always online.

2 - Who you like!!!
Zac Efron and Kwon Ji Yong. 

Pretty self explainitory right?

3 - Why are you so fat now?

3 - Why are you such a Korean wannabe? 
아, 파요 ㅠㅠ

4 - "Why do you always tweet in Korean? Stupid wannabe. Think you Korean ah?"
Well...I think I look quite Korean/ Japanese here....

And here...

And here...

And quite a lot more so yeah! ☺

5 - When did you first dye your hair?
When I was 12! (Cues judgemental people)

6 - What hair colour have you had before? 
Dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark red, fiery red, dark pink, pink, purple,  pink mixed with purple, light purple, blue, green, blonde, super dark purple with red streaks, brown with purple dip dye and I'm not sure if I missed any out hahah.

7 - Out of all the hair colours, your favourite is?
Hands down either one of these.

8 - "Omg why you look like a mango!!"

9 - "Why do you always wear shorts and short skirts? Slut."

10 - What's pink fluffy unicorn?
Like one of the best things ever made. Words can't describe how amazing it is. Please search it up on YouTube nao!!!

11 - What do you do when you're sad? You seem happy all the time. 
I think I've answered similar to this before but!! I normally watch Korean variety shows (Running Man, Family Outing, etc) because first of all I would laugh my lungs till they burst and because I secretly think I can get abs from laughing.

I also sometimes just search for stupid GIFs on Tumblr although I have no tumblr for fun HAHAHHA.

Here are some of my favourites HAHA.

k bye!

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