Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hey guys, it is now 9:46am and I am still in bed waiting for a call while blogging from my iPad and I am too lazy to get out of bed to make breakfast and since I had nothing to do, I've been doing some thinking. WAIT NO, I MEANT A LOT OF THINKING. LIKE A LOT and since I don't have my memory card with me right now so I thought why not I try blogging something without pictures and just answer questions that I get almost everyday that it feels tiring to answer everyone and I would just shrug it off with an awkward laugh and just walk away because I am too lazy to answer wtf. Okay so here goes!!

1 - how old are you? Any siblings?
I AM 16. I am born on the year of the cow which is 1997 which is my blogshop's and my blog's name. I have an elder brother, 19 this year.

2 - how tall are you and how much do you weight?
I am 5"9 and YES I ACTUALLY MEASURE MY HEIGHT for those who thinks I am just crapping here wtf. My weight is obviously a secret. Hehehehehe. 🙆

3 - WHAT RACE ARE YOU?!?! Oh my gad! Are you Japanese?!?!
NO. I. AM. NOT. JAPANESE. I REPEAT. NOT. JAPANESE. I mean I'm honoured that people and I mean A LOT of people actually thought I was Japanese but not I AM NOT. (Some even asked me if I could speak Korean because they thought I was from Korea. Wtf) I have a really messed up background which consisted of my great grandmother from Shanghai, grandmother from Beijing, great grandfather and grandfather from some parts of China (wtf) and all settled in Malaysia (this is my maternal side) for my paternal side, I apparently actually have 2 great grandads and one of them and my great grandmother is Nyoya (go google if you don't know what it is!) and the other great granddad from China. Then throw in HK blood and influence, I finally came along wtf. Anyways, long story short. I am a Chinese. 👲

4 - how often do you dye your hair and I wonder how you look like with black hair?
Like 2 to 3 months once. I looked like crap.

5 - don't you feel bad for dying your hair so much and doesn't it hurt to bleach?
I first did then I learnt to get over it since I do so many hair masks and treatment and my hair's condition is actually now better than they before dye condition since I do so many treatments now! No it doesn't hurt if your stylist is experience!

Can you just go away before I get pissed off.

7 - where do you normally shop?
I would say I get most of my stuff from HK and HK blogshops then have them send back to Malaysia by my dad but since not a lot people can do that- I shop normally in Topshop (😍😍😍😍) and some random shops that catches my eyes hehehe 💁

8 - are you still studying and in school?
Just because I dye my hair and seem like I have a lot of free time doesn't mean I'm not in school anymore. I just finish my assignments fast and I am in an international school right ow which explains the dyed hair. ☺

9 - why are you constantly happy?
Because I am a unicorn and I have my down sides too actually but if you see me being happy it is because I have either shopped or just ate good food, heheheheh. 😽

10 - why do you blog so little?
Because I am lazy. Do I need to explain that too? 😱

And I am too lazy to type anymore because typing on an iPad is actually quite tiring now thatI realized wtf. Also, pardon me for any typos that is because I am half awake. I hope this clears some of the questions up!

Oh and another question that I get EVERYDAY.
11 - why do you have 2 phones? SO RICH!!
Okay first of all, the iPhone is a gift. I used the iPhone for 3G connection and my Note 2 for normal phone purposes and no I am not showing off. Wtf. Okay bye guys peace out hahahaahahahahahahahaha

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