Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Like caffeine, I try to stay away.







neon green top - kakamee, korea
skater skirt - 1997
neon orange pyramid necklace - juju* milky
rings - fourskin & gift
loafers - toms

another one of those lazy-ass, half-hearted post by me. Like I literally meant it when I said half-hearted 'cause I was actually really into my lonely pictures taking this time 'cause I found a new place and like nobody ever goes there except for the owners of the house in front which stared at me thinking that I was gonna rob them.

ANYWAYS, when I went there, I literally entered a war zone. The mosquitoes were like screaming "HUMAN!! BLOOD!! TEA BREAK!!!!!!!" and this was how I reacted:


and it got caught on my camera. fml.

Oh and I'll be going to the launching of the Samsung Galaxy camera so let's hope I take lots of cool pictures and I wouldn't be too lazy to actually post them! Until then, byeeeee!

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