Friday, November 9, 2012

hands of God

On the sunny afternoon of 25th October 2012, it was when I begun my journey. I left the shelter which protect me from all evil things such as disgusting insects to the greenest place you'll ever see. Sekolah Sri Bestari. There, I picked Paggie up, my travelling buddy and made her bath because she smelled like fried oyster sauce. Due to the intense stinkiness that Paggie had, I had to spray perfume all over her.

We once again set out on our journey to ......

NUMBER 76!!!

when spent thousands of thousands of years searching for this magical place and alas! We've found it. As soon as it was in our sight, I swear we fangirled and hyperventilated for 10 whole minutes outside. Not only that, we giggled. I think my description is very bad so here's how we looked like.


and upon entering Number 76, this guy came asked if we had appointments and all and he asked us to fill in a form since it's our first time, and guess what we ended doing.


Amanda being very happy person in front of Number 76. I have no other before photos so this shall be it. hahahahaahahahwtf.

oh hi howdy wassup, Paggie. 
if you get what I meant.


the forms that Paggie filled up for both of us!

then they gave us these magazines as entertainment for like the next 8763213567897 hours.

so here's the thing, there's this guy named Deiji which is like literally the Hair God which has appear like idk how many times on ViVi and he touched 
our hair!!!! 
OUR HAIR!!!!!!
 and after every time he touched our hair we'll be like

apparently Paggie said my after bleached hair is like chicken floss and I honestly think it's something else but I forgot what it is. wtf.

Wanted to delete this but this is for saying it looks like chicken floss ^^

I look like a half-boiled egg. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

end results tomorrow 'cause I am too lazy to upload more pictures now. okay bye!

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