Saturday, December 29, 2012


Nightmare before Christmas sweater - Disney x Giordano
Knitted wool cape - Uniqlo
Burgundy skater skirt - 1997
Polka dotted leggings - Hong Kong street stall
Shoes* - Hong Kong
it's literally been forever since I last posted AND this time it's not really my fault 'cause I really did put in effort in drafting and all but I just couldn't post anything up 'cause it's either I'm drafting with my phone OR I'm in  a country that bans everything that has to do with Google which includes Blogger, my host. (fml.) 
BUT. With the help of a very very very very nice person and a friend which I shall shower that person with presents and some stuff that is obviously useless just because that this person has been really helpful when I couldn't update anything at all since everything is banned in this particular country.
Anyways, this was what I wore on Christmas eve, pardon me for the bad quality, used the wrong ISO settings. (double fml.) Got the sweater like in the afternoon that's why I took the pictures at night. When it was like 10 degrees out there and being very under dressed I was literally shaking when I went back into le house (triple fml.)
OH AND ALSO I'll be posting everyday from now (not really me but yeah, you guys  geddit right, right right right.) for the next 12 days in conjunction of Christmas and all, I know I'm already late by a couple of days but yeah!! I'll do my best and I'll pray for amazballs internet connection.
footnote! I wrote shoes instead of some fancy shoe kind 'cause I don't know what the ones that I was wearing were. Let me know and I'll correct it, thanks!
here's to Christmas and a freaky picture of me.

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