Monday, November 21, 2011

Past 2 days.

The last two days were the MOST, and I mean the MOST hectic days I've ever had.  I mean, have you ever tried being at not 1, not 2 but 3 bazaars in two days? Well I've had, and I'm telling you, my feet are killing me now D:

Here's the pictures of my booths:

Day 1: LEFTBLOCK Junk Sale @ Ecoba, PJ Trade Centre.

Booth set up, did it myself, was pretty satisfy with it (:


Met Cheesie and Audrey over there and lots of other people!

didn't get to take pictures of the booth for KEYYA KAYYA Bazaar tho, my phone's battery failed me. Yes, blame it all on the battery ):

Day 2: GOGO BAZAAR! @ Citta Mall, Subang

Day 2 @ Citta Mall's booth set up!
I think my eyes were closed in the picture. -___- 

Pulled an all nighter for these and the macarons, couldn't make much tho.

Used the same menu, didn't have time to print new ones D:
Overall, I was super tired but I was super happy and grateful in the same time for every that came! Thank all of you and I'll hope to see you guys again soon! :D

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